#008 The Small Details

Who are we but pixels… In a state of solid dreams we thrive to be better in a world created by the monsters of night and by the angels of our imaginations. Be… Continue reading

#007 [LAB737]

Ever been to these Cyberpunk – Diesel punk – Fantasy – Post Apocalyptic places and wondered where to get some great gear to wear to them? [LAB737] had everything you will need! Like… Continue reading

#006 The Morning

Ever had that feeling when you wake up and just can not for the life of you be bothered with going to work or school? Maybe thought about phoning in pretending to be… Continue reading

#005 The Beech

Nothing beats a day on a beach with tranquility, you should all try it sometime you’ll be suprised what virtual worlds can offer the soul. – [monso] My Hair – Matthew /Brown Designer:… Continue reading

#004 Coffee Anyone?

After finding a beautiful sim [HesperiaTemplemore] I decided since the landscape is so versatile to do a few posts on this sim, you should all go have a look! – C L A… Continue reading

#003 The Beautiful Ugly

Well here is a creepy one for you guys the dolls! Like really we had a lot of fun doing this one but I will say I was iffy about it as we… Continue reading

#002 That Moment

After being in game awhile I met the owner of a fantastic store his creations are just amazing. So I thought I would share with you one of those creations I rather enjoy.… Continue reading

#001 The Beginning

Hey everyone first post in like 4 years, so I hope you enjoy. xD – [LAB737] Beserker Designer: wiredexperiment @ The Secret Affair – [SWaGGa] The Head Hunter [Skulls] Designer: sh0rtie @ The… Continue reading